Carole Ann Frocillo : Fiber Artist

I find inspiration in the world around me and see art in the extremes of life and imagination; I like to imagine the forgotten stories of remnant structures, the histories of generations passed and the complexities of our changing earth. In stark contrast, I’m attracted to elements of unexpected juxtaposition and the whimsical corners of the universe. These themes combined with the stories inherent to the fibers I use are the pallet from which I paint my pictures.

I am a fiber artist. I best express myself through a collage of textures, colors and patterns, and though the history of fiber art is steeped in homemaking, craft and utility, I choose to use traditional fiber based materials to create art of true aesthetic value. I often embellish my pieces with found objects, mixed media techniques and ephemera -- I believe that everything has a story to tell and through the careful weaving together of these elements, a mosaic of the human experience emerges.

My art reflects my life in the Midwest. However, I recently relocated to Southern California and am excited to see how the move and my new surroundings will reflect in my art... Stay tuned!


Studio Art Quilters Association (SAQA) : Juried Artist Member
Trout Museum of Art : Art Ambassador
Wisconsin Visual Artists
Portal Wisconsin
Surface Design Association
Fiber Arts Coalition